Getting Started

Our Process

  • Intake assessment

    The first step to obtaining services at Gold Coast Children’s Center is to schedule an intake. This initial assessment includes parent interview to discuss concerns and identify goals, as well as observation and interaction with the child. At the conclusion of the intake, specific recommendations about next steps for services that will best help each child and family are provided.

  • Set individualized goals

    Information gathered from the intake assessment is used to develop goals to teach new skills, and to reduce any challenging behavior that interferes with learning and social interaction.

  • Teach essential skills

    Our dedicated staff use practice and positive reinforcement to address each of the child’s goals and train parents to carry over at home.

  • Measure progress

    Data are collected for each skill being addressed to objectively monitor progress.

  • Ongoing analysis and updates

    Program data are regularly reviewed to ensure maximum progress is being achieved. Changes are made as needed to promote success.

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